“Cornerstone music is a treasure trove of talent, fun, and nurturing.  “Miss Annie” is the heart and soul of the place.  She has an amazing way with children and with 88 keys.  My son started attending Miss Annie’s beginning music class when he was 3 and he now plays violin like a champ at 6 years old thanks to their new Suzuki program.  He auditioned for his elementary school’s talent show and he stunned the judges with  his playing. They said he played better than their 3 graders and he’s only in Kindergarten.  Thanks, teacher Tiffany and Cornerstone!  It’s also an amazingly affordable bargain, especially when compared to other music schools nearby who are easily twice or three times the cost!  You can watch a video of my son’s recital there on youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zoy5UNrYC4M
– Jim Wells

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