New Suzuki Program

New Suzuki Program at Cornerstone Music Conservatory!

Suzuki Violin Program - Cornerstone Music Conservatory

What is different about the Suzuki Method?
First and most important is parent involvement.  Known as the “Suzuki Triangle”, the parent works alongside the teacher to aide the student in learning the instrument.  No previous musical experience necessary.

Second, students learn the Suzuki material by ear.  The child listens to the sound of the instrument and absorbs it the same way any language is learned.  The “Mother Tongue” approach to music has several advantages: music is as natural as a language to the student, memorization is easier, and our eyes and mind are free to work on tone production and posture.

Third, private lessons are reinforced by group lessons.  Children learn from watching other children, and they are motivated when they play together!  You will also get to participate in group performances throughout the year.

I heard Suzuki students don’t know how to read music, is that true?
While the Suzuki pieces are learned by listening, students do learn how to read with other material presented to them in individual and group lessons.  Similar to how a child learns to read their own language, music is presented at an age-appropriate level, just as a young child might be able to speak sentences but only sound out letters when reading words.  By approx. age 10 or Suzuki Book 4, reading and playing abilities should be the same.

What is the first step in enrolling in the Suzuki program?
Lessons begin with the parent.  A parent information session with the Director of the program gets you ready for lessons and covers materials needed, what to expect, resources, overview of the instrument, and the history and philosophy of the Suzuki method.

Still not sure?  Have more questions?  You can call, email, or set up a consultation meeting with our Administrative Director of Cornerstone Music Conservatory.
Suzuki Violin Cornerstone Music ConservatorySuzuki Violin Cornerstone Music ConservatorySuzuki Violin Cornerstone Music Conservatory

Enroll Now in Suzuki Lessons

More than just lessons, it’s a community that nurtures, supports, and encourages young musicians.

2018 Lesson Dates
Thursdays 5:30-6:00: Pre-Twinkle through Book 1 – Bonnie V.
Sundays 12:00-12:45: Pre-Twinkler Group – Thomas M.
Sundays 12:30-1:15: Book 1 Group and beyond – Thomas M.

Suzuki Tuition

One Private Lesson per week and Group Classes Every Week

“Large Group Class” students also take separate private lessons

  • 15 min private + group $115/ Month
  • 30 min private + group $190/ Month
  • 45 min private + group $276/ Month
  • 60 min private + group $345/ Month
  • Group Suzuki Class only $55/ Month