Cornerstone Music Conservatory - Alphonse Ranaudo

Having earned a BA in Music Performance, an MA/PhD in Music Theory Composition, and an MBA in Business Management, with advanced study in Psychology (MFT), Alphonse Ranaudo brings not only years of professional experience as a pianist, keyboardist, vocalist, and instructor, but degreed expertise in artistic performance coaching, theory, keyboard technique, sight-singing, composition, improvisation, and arranging covering all genres of musical styles.

Alphonse firmly believes that music is a vital aspect of this life-long process, enhancing personal growth, development of character, social insight, enrichment of culture, and love of the creative process.

In his classroom, as well as in one-on-one coaching/mentoring sessions, he strives for a student-focused approach, guided by mutual respect, constant support and encouragement, establishment of developmental goals, and awareness of the value of discipline as intrinsic to the refinement of artistic abilities as well as the development of individual maturity.

Alphonse leads by example, and embody within myself a reverence for great music of all genres and from all cultures, both as a medium for self-expression, and a vehicle through which the souls of others can be touched and inspired.

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