Our Classes

Baby’s First Music Class
Ages 7 Months to 15 Months

Learn how to establish an effective musical environment at home! You will become aware of the best techniques for developing your baby’s natural potential and love of music long before he or she is ready for formal music instruction. Music will become a second language for your baby, a natural part of his or her world. Research has revealed that there are many long-range benefits to be had by introducing your baby to music early in life. Exposure to ear-training, perfect-pitch development, rhythmic pulse, metrical awareness, and musical expression will provide the great beginnings your child needs as he delights in our fun and cozy first music experience. Class activities include singing, dancing, and simple musical games, utilizing keyboard and world percussion instruments, as well as other age-appropriate, hands-on materials. Classes meet for 40-45 minutes each week.
Cost $249/ 15 Weeks

Music Train 15 Months to 3 years
& Music AdventuresAges 3 To 4 1/2 Years

Children and parents immerse themselves in joyous musical activities including rhythms, songs, dances, finger play, ear-training, keyboard and percussion fun, early note-reading, musical games, and an exposure to a variety of real musical instruments. This course provides an important beginning music experience for your child in a relaxed, fun-filled setting that will result in establishing a life-long love for music and a positive attitude toward future music study. Music Adventures, for older toddlers, includes more solo singing response, keyboard development and note reading activities than does Music Train. Music Master Adventures is for the student who has completed several semesters of Music Adventures and, upon teacher recommendation, is ready for more advanced toddler music instruction. Classes meet for 45 minutes each week.
Cost $295/ 15 Weeks

Saturday Music Kids & Little Tune’s Pajama Club
Ages 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 Years

These programs are similar to the other toddler programs but meet in the evening or Saturday to accommodate the schedules of working parents. Children may dress in either day clothes or, of course, pajamas for the Little Tune’s classes in the evenings. Classes meet for 45 minutes each week.
Cost $295/ 15 Weeks

Harmony Road Piano Course
Ages 4 1/2 to 11 Years (grouped by age)

An exciting and innovative way for your child to learn music. The Harmony Road Piano Course is one of the most comprehensive music education programs available anywhere! Taught by carefully trained, enthusiastic teachers with college music degrees, this course includes:

Piano/keyboard instruction, singing, ear-training, rhythm training, harmony (chords),
note reading, musical games, ensemble experience, elementary theory, improvisation, and composition in a fun-filled, dynamic group class.

Parents attend weekly classes with their children and become an important part of the learning process. The course includes beautifully illustrated textbooks and other materials which children love.

Harmony Road is a year-round class consisting of 45 one-hour classes. There are eight different levels of accomplishment. Each level takes between 5 to 8 months to complete. Upon completion of each level, a special concert is held and certificates are signed. Each child’s individual progress is carefully monitored by the teacher and, upon completion of Level 4, a weekly private lesson is recommended in addition to the group class. Students also participate in additional concerts. A materials fee is charged at levels 1, 3, 5, and 7 of the 8-level curriculum.
Payment Plans
Plan A-$1,535 annually
Plan B-$140 monthly installments ($1,680 annually)
Materials for 1st two levels: $72

Fiddlesticks – Ages 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 years
&  Little FiddlesticksAges 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 years

A fun introduction to the violin for young beginners. This class includes a preview of the Suzuki Violin Method, rhythmic preparation, bowing motor development, musical notation, and strings nomenclature This class can be taken by itself or along with private string lessons. Class meets for 15 weeks for 45 minutes.
Cost $254/ 15 Weeks

Junior Strings
Ages 6 to 10 Years

A beginning strings experience which introduces violin, viola, and cello technique, music notation, and ensemble playing. This class can be taken by itself or along with private lessons. 1 hour per week/ 15 weeks.
Cost $340/ 15 Weeks

Westside Children’s Chorus*

Established in 1970, this outstanding choral group provides children with an opportunity to learn the art of choral singing, vocal development, and performance skills in a supportive, motivating environment. Children must audition in order to be accepted into the chorus, but no prior experience is necessary. Chorus members perform a wide variety of choral literature from classical and international folk music to Broadway and jazz. The chorus meets one afternoon per week. Semesters are approximately 4 1/2 months. Discount for currently registered Cornerstone students applies.

Westside Youth Orchestra*

Share in our enthusiasm for our inaugural season by recommending your talented students to become charter members of this exciting new orchestra. The pride of being part of an ensemble and learning to make music and performing with others are the highlights of being able to play an instrument. Playing in the community provides an important opportunity for young, talented musicians to share their love of music with others. Call to schedule an audition, or visit www.westsideyouthorchestra.org for more information.
Cost $360/semester (18 weeks)

*The ACC & the WYO are under the auspices of the Allegro Music Foundation, a California Not-For-Profit Organization.

Young People’s Preparatory Programs
Ages 7 months – 4 1/2 years (grouped by age)

Classes are on-going and can be entered at any time, space permitting .

*Annual Membership fee $55