Reimagining Music: an interactive workshop | collaborative musicianship – improv – texture exploration

Reimagining Music & Collaborative Musicianship: Active Listening, Improvisation, and Creative Sound Texture Exploration
Special Interactive Workshop Event

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Join us Sat March 24th at 4:30 pm for a unique, hands-on workshop empowering you (and your friends and family!) to free your perspective on sound, find your inner voice, and attain confidence in performance!

All instruments/voices and ability levels welcome! Bring a friend (group discounts available)!

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**The Reimagining Music workshop takes place the same afternoon as the next installment of Cornerstone’s perennially popular Music Exploratorium free community events! Come early (Music Exploratorium sessions at 1pm and 2pm) and join us for both explorations into less-familiar parts of the wonderful world of music!**

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ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Join Bob and the Astronauts as we explore creating music from a texture-based, active listening and collaborative improvisation-based perspective.

Very intuitive/accessible for everyone (all ages!), musicians/non-musicians alike–come free your inner creative self, and learn to collectively listen and weave tapestries of sound with us!
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WHAT TO EXPECT at Reimagining Music:
-opening textural exploration demo
-focused spatial listening exercise
interactive group improv activities (texture, sonorities, rhythms)
-hands-on intros to sequencers/drum machines, Ableton Push/textural synth looping, effects pedals
collective improvised texture-jam amongst all participants
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STILL NOT SURE? [MORE INFO]: Experiencing this event will encourage participants to approach music making from an intuitive, listening-based, open-ended mindset, emphasizing the interactive aspects of the creative process and free expression. Textures and tambres take the forefront of our musical explorations!

Through the incorporation of easy-to-use non-traditional instruments and sound sources like Ableton Push-controlled synthesizers, an analog drum machine, and effects pedals, the intimidation factor of “not knowing how” or “not knowing enough” to make something “good” is lessened or entirely removed, empowering participants to fully embrace their innate capabilities to create interesting musical pieces and performances.
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Check out our downloadable 1-page pdf workshop description here.

About the presenters:
Andrea Vancura (CMC Faculty): I’m a professional musician and educator, on faculty at Cornerstone Music Conservatory in West LA and Hills Academy of Music, Art, and Dance in Torrance in addition to my private teaching studio, with a passion for musical/creative outreach and experimental soundmaking.
[MicroCV: B.Mus. USC Thornton School of Music 2012; M.A. UCLA Herb Alpert SoM 2015; alumnus of the Omni-Musicality Group (OMG) experimental intercultural improvisation ensemble 2014-2015; returned as guest presenter/performer 2016/2017.]

The Bob and the Astronauts collective shares these goals with the aim to promote self-awareness/mindfulness and open, supportive community experiences through music.

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Tickets: $15/person; group rate (3 or more people): $12/person

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Contact Cornerstone Music Conservatory at 310-820-1620 with any questions, and we look forward to having you join us!