Viva La Opera!!

I attended an opera recently and the demographics of the audience’s average age was about 75 years oldNot that there’s anything wrong with that, but we need to educate our young about the joys and beauty of opera. With news of the San Diego Opera Company folding after 49 years of adding to the cultural life of the S.D. area, I fear that opera houses in the U.S. will become extinct within a few generations from now.Yes, it is expensive to attend an opera but it is VERY expensive to produce and the price is fully justified if you look at all that goes into making an and staging an opera and it is worth every penny. We have to figure out a way to make opera more accessible financially-speaking. It is one of the civilized world’s great treasures. Let’s do our best to keep opera alive.  Viva La Opera!!

Opera singing lessons - Cornerstone Music Conservatory

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